Nature needs half.

We believe that ‘Nature Needs Half’ and by creating value in the form of crypto collectibles that represent real wildlife and nature, we can build an incentive system to help ‘Bury the Legend’, restore the balance, and design the future.

Our Team

  • Boom Wongchindawest
    Boom Wongchindawest Impact Strategy - Marketing Strategy - Cryptoeconomics
  • Florian Rehm
    Florian Rehm Project Management - Digital Marketing - Conservation
  • Kris Chinosorn
    Kris Chinosorn Product Design - Game Design - Relationships
  • Pong Cheecharern
    Pong Cheecharern Blockchain Developer - ERC-721 - Cryptoeconomics
  • Nichanan Kesonpat
    Nichanan Kesonpat Blockchain Developer - ERC-721 - Content
  • Ben Wongwattanakit
    Ben Wongwattanakit Full Stack Developer - App Development - Blockchain
  • Tab Yuangtrakul
    Tab Yuangtrakul Branding - Creative Lead - UI/UX
  • Tern Taweesuk & Salty
    Tern Taweesuk & Salty Graphic design - Character design - Conservation
  • Jirayu Arayaprayoon
    Jirayu Arayaprayoon Marketing - Communication - Content

Our Partners

Our Advisors

  • Dr. Andrew Quitmeyer
    Dr. Andrew Quitmeyer Professor at National University of Singapore / Discovery Channel Host

Become a guardian
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